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 As a delicious meal with dishes from several cultures, Sambola means "mixed salad" and features collaborations and spices from many different countries and traditions. Eleven original tracks sung in sinhala, portuguese, french, arabic, spanish (and more) to describe the magic of multiculturalism!

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New solo guitar album "Nunc"

 8 original tracks of solo guitar to bring you on journey with me!

How does it feel to spend some days in Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)?

This song is my personal description of such experience, from calm and magical sunrise to wild animal fightings, always surrounded by amazing landscapes.

I didn't have the chance to film there, so this video was shot in the Alps near where I grew up.

This song was inspired by Miro: a lovely, beautiful, strong and very playful dog. He passed away too young and I decided to dedicate him a song, trying to capture his spirit and imagining I was running in woods with him again.


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Morning light

Written one morning near a small lake in the Alps, this song reminds me of the woods, colours and scents of the valley where I grew up. 

Buenos dias Maripili

First touch
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