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All albums are available for streaming and digital download (on this website or on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc...).

Physical CDs are also available (10€/each + shipping), contact me to buy them!

Sambola (2020)


"The idea of this album started more than 3 years ago, but if I think it well the real beginning of this project is over 10 years ago, when I first met a very special human being and a great friend: Juanillo. He’s a poet, educator and guitar player -amongst other things - and soon we realized we had a deep musical connection. His ideas to me were like magical seeds, he could play a 5 second riff but in my mind that was the key to a whole song with lots of instruments and voices.
For years we talked about making music together or recording something, but I guess we enjoyed so much improvising and sharing weird musical ideas that we didn’t take it seriously. Then, as sometimes happens in life, suddenly coincidences started a flow that we could hardly control; we began recording sketches of songs and several talented friends came around to participate in the recordings.The basic ingredients were there. Immediately after those recordings he left to live in South America, and I kept on with the arranging/recording/mixing process.
The meal was already cooking in the oven!"


Who partecipated at the recordings:

sambola collage con numeros.jpg

Mastering by Andrea Pellegrini

Cover artwork by Neshat Hedayati

1. Cani Huertas: cajon (8)

2. Alessandro Dall’aglio: percussions (9) 

3. Nabil Diouri: clarinet (2)

4. Ermanno Panta: sax (3), flute (8, 11)

5. Nano Marbella: coro (10)

6. Isidoro Aparicio Tercero: cello (2, 4)

7. Joaquin Sanchez Gil: clarinet (1, 4, 9)

8. Sia & Aldo: voice (7)

9. Miguel Julia Garrido: kalimba (7)

10. Lamine Seraoui: voice (2,3)

11. Rashini Wickramasinghe: voice (1, 3)

12. Juanillo: voice (3, 9, 10)

13. Matteo Crugnola: guitars, cavaquinho, charango, mini harp, percussions (1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11), kalimbas (3, 8, 11)

14. Alicia Tamariz: voice (5, 8)

15. Juan Carlos Camacho: trumpet (5, 9)

16. Javier Perez: percussions (riqq, bendhir)(1, 2, 4)

17. Roberto Mattei: double bass  

18. Isabelle Liptay: voice (3)

19. Marco Modica: violin (2, 11)

20. India Mae da Lua: berimbau (1)

21. Rubens Silva: flamenco guitar (10)

22. Jorge Dopico: trombone (9)

23. Jose Morrison: electric guitar (9)

24. Karima Toré Gürsel: sax (9)

Nunc (2019)

Featuring Rika Kobayashi on palmas and dance in "Mediterraneo"
Mixed and mastered by Pino Forastiere
Eight original compositions for solo guitar. This introspective album portraits the last few years of my life seen from the intimacy of the instrument that is always with me.

Serengeti (video)

Miro (video)

Kalibé - Mãe da Lua (2017)

mae da lua

Heart and voice of this album is Mãe da Lua, a poet, singer, musician and activist from Brazil.

With her deep and intense voice she sings about the need to preserve the environment, the meaning of existence, and the importance of universal love. She investigates tribal languages, music and culture; all songs have a strong message of tolerance and peace, with the belief that music can unite people. 

Tudo sente (video)

Xamando (video)


​India Mãe da Lua: voice, tribal flutes, percussions, ngoni
Matteo Crugnola: guitars, charango, cavaquinho, percussions, kalimbas, setar, bass, sounds
Ermanno Panta: flute, sax, pandeiro

Linda & Sergio: voice (8); Marco Modica: violin (5, 9, 12, 13);Joaquín Sánchez Gil: clarinet (10); Andrea Stanzione:  double bass (13); Imad: guembri (4); Alex Dell’Aglio: snare&charleston (6); Maggie, Valentina, Astrid, Elisa, and many more: choir (3, 6, 12)

Indaba (2013)


   One guitar for three singers, a poet and a flute. 

Traditional and popular songs from all over the world revisited with new arrangements for fingerstyle guitar and voice.

 Aiming to create an atmosphere of constant dialogue between voice and guitar, often a totally new music has been written to match the original melody ... like making a new dress for a very special friend!

Soy pan, soy paz, soy más (video)

Malaika (video)

Featuring: Eunice Baguma (voice on 1, 3, 6, 10, 12), Alessia Scesa (voice on 2, 5, 8, 11, 13), Aurora Tomasoni ( voice on 4,9) Juanillo Sanchez Pellicer (voice on 7), Ermanno Panta (flute and percussions on 7)

Kalibé - La danse d'Harmattan (2011)

danse d'harmattan

Recorded in Burkina Faso, this album is a melting pot of african and european sounds, instruments, languages...a bridge between different cultures, evocative songs with a strong social message.

Manguirà (video)

Featuring: Djiga "Papa" Aboubacar (djeli 'ngoni, bass 'ngoni and percussions); Ermanno Panta (flute, pandeiro, voice on 4) Seydou Traoré (voice on 1, 3), Tim Winsey (voice on 2, 5), Robert Tiendrebeogo (calebasse on 1, 4), Khanzai (voice on 5)

Espiro (2010)


Featuring: Ermanno Panta (bendhir, udu), Naomi Berrill (cello), Alessia Scesa (voice)

Espiro is my first album focused on the acoustic guitar.

Mostly solo guitar tracks, a few songs feature also percussion, cello and voice.

To me this album is like a dialogue between mind and soul, a collection of songs that have been kind of a travel journal.

Lost in Medina (video)

Maracaipe (video)

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