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About me


I can still vividly remember the first times I heard the calling of music. The teacher at school playing Beethoven at the piano, a video of John Lennon playing Imagine, the songwriters my parents played at home; then it came the electric guitar, Guns ’n Roses, Queen, Pink Floyd, Metallica and so on. I fell in love with music in my teens and that feeling has changed many shapes but it still has the same intensity.


I do believe in the power of music: power to unite people, to inspire revolutions, to heal inner wounds, to bring back lost memorie, to touch and uplift souls. To me sometimes music is a mean of introspection and other times it’s what helps me to relate and share experiences.

When I first heard Tommy Emmanuel and Michael Hedges, discovering the acoustic guitar fingerstyle movement, I was totally amazed and fascinated by that world. So I dedicated a few years studying fingerstyle guitar and composing guitar music. That led me to my first guitar album “Espiro” and the winning of the first price of “New Sounds of Acoustic Music”, the most important Italian contest of acoustic guitar.

In my travels and experiences abroad I started to listen to different styles of music: from Arabic to Brazilian, flamenco, traditional Indian, Persian and African music. I began to feel a special interest for ethnic instruments and traditional musical forms.

In 2011, during a journey to Burkina Faso with Ermanno Panta, this passion for world music led to the recording of the first Kalibé's album. In 2012, together with other 11 people, we created the company Guarnatangue and the show "De sueños a horizontes" (trailer), investigating and performing music and dance from 12 different cultures.

After all this years I still feel that my approach to music is not so different from the one of a child with his new toy.

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